Why Outsource

 IT solutions that fit your budget.

With InfiNET Technologies’ skilled and knowledgeable team managing and maintaining your network, you and your employees can focus on your business needs. And because you’ll need fewer employees focusing on your IT support in-house, your company will save money on employment taxes and benefits.

Here’s what outsourcing your IT needs can do for you:

•   Enables employees to focus on their core business.
•   Provides access to the latest technology.
•   Offers a greater pool of professional talent and experience.
•   Lowers labor costs.
•   Offers flexible plans and dedicated service.
•   Enables company leaders to worry less about IT needs.
•   Provides greater data protection and network security.

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“Our company has used InfiNET Technologies for all our IT applications, hardware and software. First and foremost, they can explain what they are doing and why, which is a plus from any other IT service I have had in the past. Not only can they communicate their service and product, they have become part of our ‘family.’ They truly understand and will put themselves in our shoes to work for a solution. InfiNET is the only IT service to employ.”


LaDonna Oney, Owner
Emergency Services & Reconstruction